OSHA defines a Confined Space as have a limited access or egress but is large enough for the whole body to enter and not designed for continuous occupancy.SWMSC utilizes a specialized Confined Space Training Trailer to simulate both horizontal and vertical rescues.  Each participant will enter the space to rescue a simulated (manikin) victim.  This allows practical practice in real-life rescues.

Trainer Certifications

  • Ron is also a NUCA instructor for Confined Space.
  • Ron Hinds is one of only 2 instructors for the National Underground Contractors Association listed in Missouri.
  • Russ Hinds is a certified Confined Space Rescue Instructor

Class Completion

  • Each employee that successfully completes the class will receive:
    • Completion Certificate
    • Student Manual
    • Wallet Card

Training time

  • Approximately 6 hrs


  • Required annually


  • Cost will depend on size of class


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