10 & 30 hour OSHA TRAINING


  • Ron Hinds & Russ Hinds are 500 Construction Industry Outreach Trainers with Certification from Metropolitan Community College, Business &Technology.


  • Company regulations
  • State regulations
  • Federal regulations
  • Subjects from OSHA Regulations

Time allowed

  • Approximate 12hours for the 10hour course
  • 34hours for the 30hour course


  • Costs are subject to the number of employees and materials furnished

Safety Seminars

  • These Seminars are for employees and management that cover all company safety regulations and introduce new employees to safety according to company and OSHA Regulations.

Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment Seminars are conducted for the entire company with classroom, videos, and documentation for personnel files. Sexual Harassment can cost a company thousands of dollars and or even bankrupt a company. It is one of the most important seminars that your company can provide their employees.
  • Reasonable suspicion training is also included for owners and supervisors.