SWMSC works with you to develop a customized safety program that fits your business, we do not provide a boiler plate program.  Every company is different and needs a program that represents their business, not a program that is generalized and does not provide adequate information for your employees. Every safety program that we write is custom designed to your business with input from you and your employees.

We are not Safety Professionals that have little or no understanding of the full economic impact of a safety program on your business, we are former business owners that are now Safety Professionals with a full understanding of the difficulty you face everyday managing costs.  We design our programs to not only fit your needs in safety, but financially as well.

A partial list of our services:

  • Inspect your company’s policy on safety and advise where problems may occur.
  • Work with you to institute programs where needed and write policy if none exists.
  • Develop a company Employee Safety Handbook for your company.
  • Conduct Safety Meetings & Tool Box Meetings
  • Work with your existing Human Resource personnel on employee safety file maintenance
  • Conduct an employee Safety Audit to indicate your employees view on the safety of your company.
  • Consult your supervisors on your safety program, using their input in its development.
  • Develop and maintain your employee safety records and files
  • Develop a new hire safety program for your company
  • Conduct Job Specific Training
  • Conduct Job Site Inspections to limit exposure to accidents and OSHA fines (click here for an example)
  • Perform an Annual Review of your 300 and 301 reports and adjust your safety program as needed.

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