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Current OSHA Emphasis in Region VII

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OSHA Local Emphasis Program

Local Emphasis Programs (LEPs) are enforcement strategies designed and implemented at the Regional Office and/or Area Office levels. These programs are intended to address hazards or industries that pose a particular risk to workers in the Office’s jurisdiction.

The emphasis programs may be implemented by a single Area Office, or at the Regional level (Regional Emphasis Programs) and applied to all of the Area Offices within the Region. Often times, these LEPs will be accompanied by outreach intended to make employers in the area aware of the program as well as the hazards that the programs are designed to reduce or eliminate. This outreach may be in the form of informational mailings, training at local tradeshows, or speeches at meetings of industry groups or labor organizations.

The following is a list of Local (Area Office) and Regional Emphasis Programs, separated by Region and noting the office where appropriate. This list is current as of March 9, 2009, but may change without notice.

Region VII

  • Amputations – Region-wide
  • Auto Body Shops – St. Louis
  • Commercial and Residential Construction – Wichita
  • Concrete – Kansas City, St. Louis
  • Demolition Work – St. Louis \
  • Electrical Hazards in General Industry Establishments – St. Louis
  • Falls, Scaffolds, and Electrocutions from Overhead Power Lines PSI (XFALLELE) – Region-wide
  • Fire Safety – Kansas City
  • Grain Handling – Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha
  • Hexavalent CHromium in General Industry and Construction – Wichita, St. Louis
  • High Hazard Workplaces Without an OSHA Inspection – Omaha, Wichita
  • Logging and Sawmills – St. Louis
  • Maritime Employers – Des Moines
  • Mechanical Hazards in the Cotton Gin Industry – St. Louis
  • Oil and Gas – Wichita
  • Powered Industrial Trucks in Construction and Gen. Industry (FORKLIFT) – Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis, Wichita
  • Residential Construction/St. Charles County – St. Louis
  • Residential Construction/Jefferson County – St. Louis