A look at how OSHA’s 2016 enforcement plan will work

Chemical hazards, ergonomics top targets Heads up: Some industries and businesses that OSHA inspectors previously avoided for being too complex may come under more scrutiny in 2016. OSHA’s new Enforcement Weighting System will focus its resources on the most hazardous … Read More

OSHA provides guidance to OSHA compliance officers for enforcing the revised Hazard Communication standard

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WASHINGTON – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration today issued instructions to compliance safety and health officers on how to ensure consistent enforcement of the revised Hazard Communication standard*. OSHA revised the Hazard Communication standard in March 2012 to align … Read More

OSHA cites Hugo’s Roofing Contractors for exposing workers to fall hazards

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Employer name: Hugo’s Roofing Contractors Inc. 26889 Muenz Road Wright City, Missouri Investigation site: 214 Arbor Meadows Court Fairview Heights, Illinois Date investigation initiated and what prompted inspection: The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Fairview Heights … Read More

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